Cecil County Vinyl Siding Installation

C&C Roofing LLC is more then just a roofing contractor, we also install siding! Is your old aluminium or vinyl siding looking worn or old? Are you considering upgrading to new vinyl siding to add instant curb appeal to your home? C&C Roofing is here to help with all your siding needs.

Having new vinyl siding provides several benefits to your home including:

  • It will create structural integrity. Vinyl siding becomes a protective shell for your home.
  • Vinyl siding will increase R-value. R-value refers to thermal resistance, and is one way of measuring the insulating capacity of any given material.
  • Properly installed, vinyl siding will allow moisture to escape, permitting the walls to “breathe.”
    Issues associated with mildew and rot can be effectively averted.
  • Vinyl siding will prevent air infiltration – – Noise or pollution will be significantly reduced.

Like any roofing project we take on, we also provide FREE estimates on all potential siding projects as well.

Get your siding replaced!